Welcome to the Brooklyn PTO!

The PTO is made up of parents, staff, teachers and community members of Brooklyn Elementary.  All time and efforts are 100% volunteer.

We do many things for our school and community, from events at the school to serving dinner to teachers on parent-teacher conference nights.  We love Brooklyn and know that BKE is the Place to Be!


PTO Fundraising goes toward:

  • Gifts to Teachers and Classrooms from the PTO include smart boards, classroom libraries for all level readers, chairs, OT equipment, iPads, board games, and so much more!  Teachers can “wish” for items to use whenever they see a need in their classroom.
  • Gifts to the School from the PTO include new playground equipment, Alpha Smart keyboards, classroom sound systems, a climbing wall, a popcorn machine, risers for the music room and more!
  • Safety Camp receives an annual donation from the PTO.  It’s a fun way for the kids to start out their summer – safely.