Teacher Wish Lists


Up to $10,000 earmarked for Wish List items each year!





The PTO is proud to support Brooklyn Elementary’s talented teachers and staff through monthly “Wish List” request grants.  Past grants have covered the costs of transportation to field trips, music instruments, equipment, technology resources, classroom furniture, and even hand warmers for recess supervisors in the winter months!   We strive to fill gaps in budgets, and provide the tools that allow teachers to do their best work, which benefits all the students and families of Brooklyn Elementary.

2017-18 Teacher Wish List Process

Highlights from 2016-17 Wish List Grants:

Kindergarten:  Boogie Board writing tablets for student handwriting practice
1st Grade: Raz-Kids subscription giving students access to hundreds of books at their reading level for use at home & in school
2nd Grade:   Classroom seating rug (replacing water-damaged rug) with delineated seating areas to help students stay focused
3rd Grade:  End of Year Pool Party
4th Grade:  Breakout EDU Kit (Immersive Math Learning Game)
Library:  Movie Li censure so excerpts of movies can be used in classrooms & all-school settings
Phys Ed:  4″ Wiffle Balls to help youngest students learn to throw and catch
Student Services: Weighted compression vests & wobble stools to help students stay focused on learning
Art:   Hallway display boards to highlight students’ art
Music:  Transportation for K-4 students to Performing Arts Center to watch school musical
Orchestra:  Violin & Cello Storage Racks

Thank you for supporting our PTO Fundraisers!  Your generosity makes these Wish List grants possible.